Solarenergie-Förderverein Deutschland e.V. (SFV)

The German Association for the Promotion of Solar Power (SFV)

The SFV aims for an energy supply completely based on renewable energies. For this purpose we do political work and public relations. The daily business of our team is to give consultancy to owners and operators of photovoltaic systems and those persons, who would like to become owners. The SFV was founded more than 30 years ago in Aachen, Germany, where it is still located. The association mainly contributed to the introduction of the “Aachen Model”, which included a cost matching feed in tariff. This model was taken over by many communities in Germany and was the blue print for the German Renewable Energy Act (EEG).
Based on this success the SFV has continuously and consequently promoted a power supply with 100% renewable energies. This has successfully contributed to braking up the paradigm stating conventional energy generation couldn’t be replaced completely.

Meanwhile we observe that renewable energies are promoted from all sides officially, however in praxis frame conditions deteriorate continuously by legislation. This can be seen by the drastic reduction of annual investments in renewable energies in Germany. With expert members in the areas of finance, legislation and engineering we are developing proposals to bring forward the dynamics of renewable energies to the necessary level.

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